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Create a static feed from a list of URLs

What's this?

Provide a list of URLs this will insert them into a very basic RSS template. That's it. The resulting feed will always just output the same thing: the URLs you've given it.

The idea is that you'll then expand the feed with something like our Full-Text RSS application and use it where a custom fixed feed is needed.

You can use the resulting URL in services which take RSS as input, such as our Full-Text RSS and PDF Newspaper tools.

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Service shortcuts

Need more from the feed? Give it to one of our other tools:

{{ shortcut.name }}
{{ error }}

{{ preview.title }}

  1. [No title]

    {{ item.title }}

    {{ item.title }}

    Date: {{ item.date }}

    {{ item.preview_text }}

Request parameters

When making HTTP requests, you can pass the following parameters to urls.php (either in a GET request or POST request).



The form above uses the same parameters, so if you're usure how to construct a URL, use the form and then examine the RSS feed URL that's produced.

Parameter Value Description
url[] string (URL) One or more URLs.
title string The feed title to use in the generated feed.
key string If you pay for premium access, you can pass your key here.

Required parameters: url must be supplied.